g   Ryan Jenkins
S2E4 Ryan Jenkins
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 5' 9"
Home: London
Occupation: Choreographer
Affiliations: Jelli Studios (guest)
Friends: Jennifer Ellison
Abby Lee Miller
Nadia Forde
Episode Run
Debut: Never Again Are We Doing Six Solos And A Group

Ryan Jenkins is a guest choreographer who featured on Dance Mums.


Other Information

  • He has worked with both the girls from Dance Moms and Dance Mums.
  • Ryan has taught at over 200 academies internationally including Bird College, L.I.P.A, Mandy Ellen, Corona and Pineapple performing arts.
  • He competed in the second season of Got To Dance and was eliminated in week two.
  • He choreographed Nadia Forde's music video "Haunted" which Tayluer starred in.


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