g   Helen Thorpe-Franklin
S1 Promotional Molly Helen
Gender: Female
Occupation: Part time charity worker
Friends and Family
Children: Evie (daughter)
Molly Thorpe-Franklin (daughter)
Lily (daughter)
Olly (son)
Darcy (daughter)[1]
Friends: Charlotte Traynor
Maxine Kelly
Kelly Navis
Serena McConville
Danielle Simpson
Carol Greenwood
Episode Run
Debut: Dance Mums: Abby Meets Jennifer
Last: It's the Dance World Cup

Helen Thorpe-Franklin is forced to work weekends, which means she misses many of daughter Molly’s dance competitions. Despite this, she cries with pride when talking about Molly’s dancing, generally possessing a much more positive attitude than some of her Dance Mums counterparts. She prefers to rise above the drama and tensions of the dance school and focus purely on her daughter’s needs.[2]

She and Molly will not be returning for the second season of Dance Mums.

Other Information

  • She gave birth to her daughter, Darcy Ella around January 17, 2015.[3][4]


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